A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Navigate your way from planet to planet with rocket jumps, as you blast other astronauts with either rockets, scatter gun shots, jet engine flames, or slice them up with a space cleaver. Rocketnauts is a local multiplayer game designed for 1 to 4 players. Verse your friends, or verse the AI in a fight to see who outlasts the other.

Each weapon in Rocketnauts is designed to have a different navigation style. The rocket launcher uses rocket jumps, the scatter gun uses its recoil to propel you, the jet engine gives a steady thrust, and the space cleaver lunges you forward toward your opponents.

* Local Multiplayer

* Up to 4 players

* Note: While the game can use mouse controls, a game pad is preferred (and needed if you want to play local multiplayer with friends).

Game Modes

Quick Match:

Starts all players with 3 lives.

All players have a rocket launcher.

Weapon pickups will be available.

Custom Match:

Set the amount of lives each Rocketnaut has.

Set the main weapon of each Rocketnaut.

Set whether weapon pickups will spawn or not.


Mouse Controls:

Move Mouse: Aim Rocket Launcher / Move Rocketnaut

Left Mouse Button: Fire Rockets

Gamepad Controls:

Left Thumbstick: Aim Rocket Launcher / Move Rocketnaut

A / X button (Depending on Gamepad): Fire Rockets

Gameplay Video

Music by: Robson Cozendey - www.cozendey.com

Additions to v0.22:

Added explosive barrels

Added mouse control for the main menu and pause screen

Changed the weapon art


Rocketnauts_PC_v1.0.0.zip 31 MB
Rocketnauts_Mac_1.0.0.zip 32 MB

Install instructions


Unzip the folder and run the Rocketnauts.exe file.


Unzip the folder and run the Rocketnauts app file inside.